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Caffrey Hill was founded with a singular vision – to use our decades of trial experience at the world’s largest law firms to serve those who want high-quality, accessible legal counsel. We replicate the Big Law focus on handling complex, high-stakes matters, but deliver it through our vision of a modern law firm.

Effective, first-rate legal representation can come in small packages.




What matters most to you in a law firm? Is it experience, service levels, prompt communication, cost- efficiency?

At Caffrey Hill, we’re driven by what matters to you. For most, that starts with having someone who promptly returns your calls and emails. Responsiveness is a hallmark of our practice, but it’s only the beginning.  Our client relationships are personalized collaborations from the outset. We’ll seek to understand your specific needs and goals, with an attention to detail and quality of service that you expect from a large national or international law firm. But rather than focus on flourishes, we focus on our clients – taking a grounded, practical approach to help you distill decisions that are right for you.

At Caffrey Hill, we intentionally limit our client base, prioritizing the quality of our client relationships over quantity. Call us contrarians – or visionary – but our system supports individualized and attentive client service in a unique way. 

Our reputation as trial attorneys is built upon preparation, ability, and clarity, honed by representing clients in some of the nation’s most challenging venues.  Leveraging what we’ve learned from decades in the trenches – both inside and outside of the courtroom – we’ll help you find efficient, effective solutions to the issues at hand, no matter how complex they are or may seem.
Areas Of Practice

Practice Areas

Trial advocacy is at our core. We represent individuals, businesses, and fiduciaries in Complex Litigation in a host of state and federal venues, including a practice devoted to representing trust officials and beneficiaries in Trust and Fiduciary Disputes – complex and often emotionally charged matters involving the administration, management, and instruments governing high net-worth family legacies.

At Caffrey Hill, we’re very much at home in a courtroom. But we also understand the economic, reputational, and emotional toll that litigation can take. We listen to your needs – developing contingency plans and appropriate exit strategies when needed. We will also work with you to devise, implement and assess best practices to minimize your risk of becoming involved in litigation in the first place. 

Our clients include business leaders and individuals seeking help navigating and managing active and anticipated litigation. In that capacity, we assume the role of an Outside Litigation General Counsel, offering guidance on issues ranging from crisis management to litigation strategy and preparedness, to risk management. Outside of active litigation, we also advise on the potential implications of contemplated business and fiduciary decisions.

Contact Us

Caffrey Hill, pllc

Philadelphia, PA | DuPage county, IL | Denver, CO*
Kevin W. Rethore, Managing Member

Mailing Address: 615 Chestnut Street #40234, Philadelphia, PA 19106
*Caffrey Hill, PLLC attorneys are not currently admitted to practice in Colorado

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